Angels Without Wings

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I can’t deal with life today.

I want to go back to bed.




what if u walked into ur kitchen and kanye west was lovingly preparing cookies for u and quietly rapping to himself in a happy tone that would be so beautiful


"No one man should have all that flour…"

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Tonight I was hit with a hand full of eggs and huge rock on my back and called “Nigger” by a white guy in the backseat of a dark blue truck as I was riding my bike on Westheimer and Jeanetta. They drove too fast for me to get the license plate number. I had to get a cop to drive me home. This night makes me wonder how blacks did it back in the day, and why the community is looking the way it is now. I am trying not to cry, but I am in physical pain from the rock and not understanding why I deserved this.


What the actual fuck…

too close to home

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I know you been down so long, So I’ll be stronger for you
I know you been down so long, Cause I’ve been down too
Yes I understand, What you’re goin through
Yes I understand, Cause I’m goin through it too
I pray that you find your way, and all things old become new
I pray that you find your way for my sake, cause I’m lost too
Yes I Understand, What you’re goin through
Yes I understand, Cause I’m goin through it too
I lost my friend this mornin’, woke up screamin her name
She meant so much to me, I’m scared I won’t be the same
Hope you understand, what I’m goin through
Hope you understand, when I call out for you
To vent.

something doesn’t feel right

welp, I guess I’ll see in the morning.

that would be one less thing on my mind.

it would be nice though

but maybe I don’t need to know

I really wish whoever this anon is would show their face. Like, that’s bugging the hell out of me.

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